The Power of Saying No in Business

Are you saying 'yes' to everything, even when it is not inline with your business goals? If so, you should check out my top 5 reasons to say no in business.

Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Stuff

You should just go for the things that you want in life. You should never talk yourself out of things that will help elevate you and your business.

Monday Motivation: Believe

You are what you believe. Thoughts become things. What do you believe about yourself and about the things that you can do?

Friday Round-Up: Gratitude

I start and end my days with gratitude because I am so thankful. Did you know that gratitude has been linked to success?

Monday Motivation: Action

Action! Today, I am motivated by action. On a day that we remember a man that not only had a big dream (Happy Birthday Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.), we also remember how that same man tried to make that dream a reality with action. Thank you Dr. King for allowing us...

Wednesday Wake-Up: Jump

Jump! Today is a 'jump' type of day. It is a day to get started on those things that you have been talking about. It is a day to move on all of those dreams that have been crowding your head for way too long. Need more inspiration? Here are some great quotes for...

Monday Motivation:Get Uncomfortable, Find Purpose

Get Uncomfortable Happy Monday! I hope that you had a wonderful weekend! This has been a working weekend for me. I needed to get some things done, so that the week would run smoothly. I was given an amazing partnership opportunity on Friday night. I am extremely...

Friday Round Up: Go For It

Happy Friday! Friday is here and this week has been good. I have stayed on track using my 'Create Your Vision: Daily Goals' sheet. I have been getting things done and feeling good about it. I created my 30 day goal plan. I have worked out everyday and eaten pretty...

Wake Up Wednesday: Oprah Winfrey’s Top 10 Rules for Success

Wake up! It is the first Wednesday of 2016! I started this blog post on Monday, but it didn't get created in time. No worries because I stillĀ  wanted to share. Everyone has made their resolutions, both personal and professional, and I hope that everyone is still on...