Hello World, I’m talking to you…

You have started following potential clients. You are sending out messages and trying to carry on more than a one way conversation. You have posed questions and maybe even reached out directly, but no response. It seems like you are talking to yourself, which is normally not a good thing.

So how do you get people to talk back? Here are some tips for engagement.

1. Ask Questions (and answer them)

Even when people are not responding, it does not necessarily mean that they are not listening.  You ask questions to get engagement and spark a conversation but sometimes your clients just want to listen. You see evidence of this on Facebook and Google+. You can ask a question on those platforms and your followers will just ‘like’ or ‘+1’ the question. I take this to mean that they are interested in the question posed but they just don’t want to respond. It could be that they feel that they don’t have anything of meaning to say, that they don’t really know the answer, or that they just want to engage by listening.

2. Connect with a Community

A great way to get engagement is by connecting with a community of bloggers. This gives you the opportunity to surround yourself with like-minded people. In a lot of these communities, you can display your blog posts on their site or submit a link to your post. The great thing is that they know how it feels to not have engagement (comments) and so they will comment.

Here is a list of some blogging communities:

  • Google+ Communities – A group of communities that you can connect, share ideas, and articles(posts).
  • BlogHer – A community of woman bloggers that discuss topics such as career, family, lifestyle, and many others
  • Blog Engage – A social bookmarking site where people discover, share, vote and discuss interesting and remarkable content they find on the web
  • Social Buzz Club – A community based on the principal of ‘pay it forward’ sharing.
  • Blokube – A community share your blog with a wide range of bloggers and professionals.
  • Bloggy Moms – A community of social maven moms that share their posts and knowledge openly and freely and are always eager to support each other.

3. Keep Writing

Even when it feels like you are talking to yourself, keep on writing. Creating a site filled with updates and content helps your Google search ranking. Tagging your posts with relevant keywords help people to organically find you blog in searches. If you blog about an area that you are passionate about, you can think of it as your online journal that is just waiting to get discovered.

Do you find that you are talking to yourself at times?  I would love to hear your suggestions for getting engagement in the comment section below…

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